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Print To Mobile – An Opportunity?

In recent weeks a particular (and one time iconic) print title in Ireland has invested very heavily in a TV advertising campaign running numerous spots each evening across the primary state owned television channels. Perhaps it is the Digital Marketer in me but I am struck that this particular medium of advertising for a product in a sector that it is in significant decline, with the undoubted cost of this advertising is perhaps a little wasteful?

The publication in question has an undoubted brand recognition and a significant market share in a particular demographic, hence to some degree the spend on this particular above the line marketing channel is appropriate in reaching the target demographic. However, in a period of rapid decline for print it would strike me as self evident that advertising the product to a target market already inclined to purchase this is not a good use of the marketing budget.

In order to expand the reach of the publication, surely a digital strategy given the popularity of the publication should allow it to penetrate new market demographics. Given the same budget and the quality of the content output, I believe that content may be syndicated to digital channels effectively and on an ongoing basis which would allow the brand greater ongoing brand exposure. Syndication to digital editions, consumable on mobile devices, with a cost effective and more importantly measurable advertising spend, could in theory drive significant volumes of new users to the content and more importantly allow brands advertising within the print edition to reach new, younger audiences, which in itself feeds back to drive additional revenues by the publication without the need for additional content output and also without the risk of canabalising  the existing readership.

Perhaps, this may be a step too far for the organisation in question in the short term, however, by the time that they are ready to move it may be too late…

By Simon Bell


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