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5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

So you’re a small or perhaps not so small business and everyone is telling you that should be / go / do mobile but where do you start? Below is a selection of tips for mobile marketing success based on some experiences I have in a previous career. Not saying that all of these will […]

Identify, Prevent and Deal with Mobile Premium Rate Scams (Part 2)

In my previous Blog  I identified a number of premium rate scams that are occurring currently and claiming unsuspecting victims. In this part I’d like to present some tips on how falling victim can these can be prevented and avoided and in the case where they cannot be prevented or avoided what the best actions […]

Identify, Prevent and Deal with Mobile Premium Rate Scams (Part 1)

Over the past number of months a number of friends and family have either fallen victim of or almost fallen victim of premium rate scams, either calls or SMS. These scams are becoming increasingly devious in their design and are increasingly outside the remit of the various controlling regulatory bodies in each jurisdiction. The challenge […]