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5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

So you’re a small or perhaps not so small business and everyone is telling you that should be / go / do mobile but where do you start? Below is a selection of tips for mobile marketing success based on some experiences I have in a previous career. Not saying that all of these will […]

Apps or Mobile Sites?

In a professional as well as a personal capacity I’ve been wondering for some time now where the greatest opportunity lies for the mobile marketer. The argument for apps In my professional and personal life I use both fairly regularly and to be completely honest I find that most of the apps that I do […]

Print To Mobile – An Opportunity?

In recent weeks a particular (and one time iconic) print title in Ireland has invested very heavily in a TV advertising campaign running numerous spots each evening across the primary state owned television channels. Perhaps it is the Digital Marketer in me but I am struck that this particular medium of advertising for a product […]