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5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

So you’re a small or perhaps not so small business and everyone is telling you that should be / go / do mobile but where do you start? Below is a selection of tips for mobile marketing success based on some experiences I have in a previous career. Not saying that all of these will work but as with anything in terms of marketing, it’s about understanding what it is you want to achieve, and what it tools / methods / channels in mobile can do to help you achieve this. The scatter gun approach with no clear objective is a sure fire way of spending a lot of money for little or perhaps no return.

So the below are my top 5 tips for Mobile Marketing like a Pro!

  1. Local Search

One of the most important things to bear in mind about mobile and particularly mobile web is not to miss the hint in the name – mobile! The principle reason for using mobile search is to get information on the go and quickly! Thus, brevity and relevance of information is key (which I will come onto in my next point). 2 helpful tips to get you started, submit your mobile site to Google via the webmaster tools  AND most importantly don’t forget all you already know about SEO and search relevance. i.e search results on a normal device(laptop etc)  can be reasonably location sensitive however remember search queries in the mobile context are probably going to be even more location sensitive so make sure that if you are for example, an Italian restaurant in Rathmines that those terms feature in the page content so that when someone is in that particular area looking for an Italian restaurant you appear in the organic search.


  1. Mobile Sites – but don’t overdo it!

This is a reasonably straightforward one. The last thing that anyone accessing your site from a mobile device wants to do is to have to pinch and scroll around the page to find what they need, or have to have to zoom right in to click menu items if you, like me, suffer from a condition known as “fat fingers”!  Also, remember that a big flash image might look great on your 23 inch monitor but it’s a real nuisance on your smartphone!

Secondly, and harping back to my previous point, remember what people need from your site when accessing it on a mobile. The important thing is to prioritise the information displayed to things such as a phone number, postal address, email contact that are likely to be most relevant for what the user is looking to do!


  1. Leverage the device capabilities

I remember about 5 years ago hearing someone say “eventually we will enter the age of the dumb smartphone user” – that is to say, people that have a smartphone but have no idea how to use half of stuff on it. I am starting to think that we are getting there so it’s important to help these types of users as much as possible. With some reasonably basic development skills it is possible to trigger the various apps on the users’ device to your benefit. This could be the maps or email app, download a contact card or perhaps even something as simple as a click-to-call hyperlink by use of the html instruction tel; which can trigger a call to phone number.


  1. To App or not to app

A number of years ago there was a real rush among companies to build apps as a land-grab on their brand equity however, much like the early days of the internet this resulted a clutter of abandoned, unloved and brand detrimental apps content (not to mention forgotten passwords to app developer accounts!) Lesson? Only build an app if it adds value for the end user somehow because unless it does the users will never download it, it gets lost in the ether of the billions of apps across the various platforms and its been a really expensive endeavour.  As for gamification…..please please don’t waste your time someone else has probably done it better already and it won’t “go viral”……….


  1. SMS

Without question the most underrated tool in the mobile marketing armoury! What is often forgotten about SMS is that although it is limited in terms of the amount of content that can be delivered, the reach and open rates on this mechanic are unrivalled. It can also be used to deliver other types of content via the inclusion of hyperlinks to open websites, or start a call for example. What is more is that it gives almost immediate reach, regardless of whether the user has wi-fi or mobile internet coverage and gives a means of testing that information provided by a customer is up to date and correct as possible.


Any more tips that work for your business in terms of mobile marketing?


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