Le Tour de France 2017 (of beer!)

Now that, is a serious, potentially clickbait-esque, misleading, title for a blog, so allow me to preface this by saying this is the first in a series of blogs around a selection of beers sampled in France. For the purposes of the narrative however, let me explain the similie a little by outlining the differences […]

Gold, Silver & Bronze for Kinnegar in Commonwealth Cup, Kentucky

Originally posted on Kinnegar Brewing:
Well, we’re still blinking in the limelight after stepping out onto the international stage for the first time in Alltech’s 2015 Commonwealth Cup in Kentucky. We entered five beers and four of them have medalled! Gold for Black Bucket, Silver for Rustbucket, Bronze for Devil’s Backbone and Yannaroddy. (There’s a free…

To be or not to be “Craft Beer”…and does it actually matter?

As the craft beer movement has moved towards the mainstream something of a backlash has begun against those that champion it over the standard mass market alternatives. Indeed, the dismissive use of the term “hipster” is usually not too far from any commentary on the rise in popularity of the craft beer industry and products. […]

My Top 5 Beers of the Moment – Autumn / Winter 2014

Let’s Try This Again.. So I’ve been working on this craft beer blog for the last 2 years almost (admittedly most of that time was dedicated to *ahem cough* research) and it’s a little light on content so as a means of getting started again I am going to kickstart things with a simple subject […]

Kinnegar Brewing – accidental discovery to beer of the moment!

Kinnegar Brewing – accidental discovery to beer of the moment!

My first experimentation with Craft Beer came about around about 7/8 years ago on a trip to visit the folks who were living in western New York State at the time. Being extremely fussy about his choice of beers and having a dripping disdain for the industrial beers that invariable are common place in “lite” […]