Le Tour de France 2017 (of beer!)

Now that, is a serious, potentially clickbait-esque, misleading, title for a blog, so allow me to preface this by saying this is the first in a series of blogs around a selection of beers sampled in France. For the purposes of the narrative however, let me explain the similie a little by outlining the differences […]


My first experimentation with Craft Beer came about around about 7/8 years ago on a trip to visit the folks who were living in western New York State at the time. Being extremely fussy about his choice of beers and having a dripping disdain for the industrial beers that invariable are common place in “lite” […]

7 Signs that craft beer is turning me into my dad

So I may have mentioned a couple of times over that I am something of a superfan of the craft beers. Part of this comes from an insatiable need for something new and exciting beer-wise and part of it is to keep things interesting for myself, call it craft beer Russian roulette (always potentially one […]

Identify, Prevent and Deal with Mobile Premium Rate Scams (Part 1)

Over the past number of months a number of friends and family have either fallen victim of or almost fallen victim of premium rate scams, either calls or SMS. These scams are becoming increasingly devious in their design and are increasingly outside the remit of the various controlling regulatory bodies in each jurisdiction. The challenge […]

Magic Hat #9 – Disturbingly Drinkable

Posted on April 15, 2013 by simondbell Source: Wikimedia Commons In the last year or so I have been slowly but surely working my way through the selection of English craft ales available in my local supermarket. On New Year’s Eve being away from my usual haunt for buying beer and really short on options unless I wanted […]

Mr Bell’s Craft Beer Blog

What’s it all about? After many years experience I have decided to collate some of my thoughts on the various beers I have been drinking. This blog is a collection of review of the various beers I have previously and am currently sampling. I am not a professional journalist or reviewer so the views and opinions […]

The Onion’s Take On HP’s Cloud Strategy

The Onion’s Take On HP’s Cloud Strategy

Audio Boo Interview with Paul O’Mahoney

I recently attended the Dublin Web Summit with work and gave an interview to Paul O’Mahoney on Sage One which is one of the products I manage for Sage Ireland. Have a listen here http://audioboo.fm/boos/1016095-sageone-simon-bell-his-cupcakes-websummit