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Mr Bell’s Craft Beer Blog

What’s it all about?

After many years experience I have decided to collate some of my thoughts on the various beers I have been drinking. This blog is a collection of review of the various beers I have previously and am currently sampling. I am not a professional journalist or reviewer so the views and opinions expressed here are just that!

The reason for the blog is to keep a collected reflection on the various beers that I have tried. As a father of 2 toddlers and being no longer in my twenties, I have changed my drinking habits from a quantity focus to a quality focus….mostly because I am less able to deal with the hangovers, and I am hoping to use this blog to give some views on reviews on the various weird and wonderful beers I am trying.

My approach is to try to bring the wine tasters’ mentality to the world of beer drinking but without the associated snobbery…..call it beer appreciation…..or a gentleman’s beer blog!  That said, what you won’t find on this blog is reviews of some of those mass produced generic beers from the global super-breweries, everyone knows about those & has an opinion on them so I won’t give you mine!

Greatly appreciate any views, comments, guest posts and especially any free samples you can provide!



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